Mary Moreno - Composer, Songwriter, Author


Killerfest has long been the nation’s most popular crime writers conference for both authors and mystery fans. But this year there’s a serial killer in their midst, and one by one, the authors are showing up dead. Will the surviving best-selling crime writers be able to pool their extensive knowledge of investigative techniques and stop the murders before they, too, join the victims?

This 10,000-word short story is the first in a series of novellas that will travel a humorous and bloody path through the book business.

Selected Works

Short Story.
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“Set at a conference for aspiring mystery writers, Killerfest is funny, clever, and WAY too perceptive about the secret lives of authors. You'll love it!” Amazon 5-Star Review
Excerpt from JOINED AT THE HEART: My Life With Mr. Fabulous
My thirty-three year journey with trumpeter and Blues Brother Alan Rubin.
Setting the stage for a lifelong struggle.
CD Liner Notes
This is the band musicians come to hear.
"A must for every writer interested in breaking into corporate communications."
--Samuel Cypert, VP MASCO