Mary Moreno - Composer, Songwriter, Author

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My story, "Blood on the Floor," is included in this newly-published anthology of New York crime and mystery stories written by members of my local Sisters in Crime. Of course it involves Carnegie Hall.

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Fiction and NonFiction

Lullaby of Broadway
City of Dreams can be tough on musicians.

A serial killer is on the loose at a New York Crime Writers Conference.

Joined at the Heart
My mother always told me to stay away from musicians. “They’re dangerous,” she’d say. “They are not sound marriage material.” Coming from a woman who spent her early 20’s dancing in one of Al Capone’s nightclubs and then married one of his capos, I allowed that Mom knew something about danger.

Racing the Train
I cringe at the sound of the clanging bell as the flashing red-eye lights at the railroad crossing warn traffic to come to a stop. A pair of black and white striped gates descend, each one blocking an opposing lane. Off in the distance, but not too far, the sound of a racing freight train, its insistent horn blaring a threatening tri-toned chord. But the scariest sound of all is the motor of our ‘54 Chevy as Daddy guns the accelerator. Daddy’s getting ready to race the train.

A Night With the Nuff's CD Liner Notes
Individually, they’ve played with everyone from Aretha Franklin to Frank Sinatra. From Dr. John to John Lennon. From Eric Clapton to Mariah Carey. From Sting to Paul Simon to Carly Simon. From Tony Bennett to Todd Rundgren, from James Taylor to Taylor Dane, from Bette Midler to the Blues Brothers, from Steely Dan to the New York Philharmonic. . Each one is a virtuoso, fully capable of playing any genre, any style. But when they become the Nuff Brothers, they take it to the next level. Because it’s not just a band, it’s a labor of love.

The Writer's Guide to Corporate Communications
Contains everything the freelance writer needs to succeed in business. It is the only book to discuss the creative process that goes into writing to order. This unique reference includes exercises which, when completed, provide the writer with a viable sample portfolio to help land assignments.

Selected Works

Short Story.
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“Set at a conference for aspiring mystery writers, Killerfest is funny, clever, and WAY too perceptive about the secret lives of authors. You'll love it!” Amazon 5-Star Review
Excerpt from JOINED AT THE HEART: My Life With Mr. Fabulous
My thirty-three year journey with trumpeter and Blues Brother Alan Rubin.
Setting the stage for a lifelong struggle.
CD Liner Notes
This is the band musicians come to hear.
"A must for every writer interested in breaking into corporate communications."
--Samuel Cypert, VP MASCO

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