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I don't know which came first, the words or the music. I started writing both around the age of nine, at the same time I discovered I could sing. Oh yes, did I mention that I also started playing piano when I was five?

If I'd been more focused I might've become a female Mozart, but unfortunately I grew up and got sidetracked into the glam world of advertising where I learned how to coerce people into buying products they really didn't need and eat food that was bad for them.

But I also learned how to meet impossible deadlines, write to order and use my music to inspire emotions. And I made a darned good living at it, too. I put all this experience to work in my first published work, The Writer's Guide to Corporate Communications.

Eventually I grew tired of lending my voice to other people's agendas and decided to pursue my own path and follow my bliss. I began taking classes at Juilliard and workshops at the Writer's Voice. I focused on expressing my own POV. And now I devote most of my time to writing fiction and music. But I do take an occasional time-out to ghost write books and articles for others. Hence my company name, "Writerforhire."

In 2008 I was honored by the New York Foundation for the Arts with a Fellowship in Music Composition.

And I've completed two novels, both of which I'm currently shopping.

Please browse around my Web site for samples of my writing, my music and video excerpts of my one-woman show, "A Composer's Journey."

Selected Works

Setting the stage for a lifelong struggle.
"A must for every writer interested in breaking into corporate communications."
--Samuel Cypert, VP MASCO
Sometimes the real danger lies in avoiding commitment.
CD Liner Notes
This is the band musicians come to hear.

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